Though the title may suggest that Lose the Diet and Lose the Weight is directed entirely to those who want to lose weight, it contains much useful information applicable to those who do not need, or choose not to lose weight. For example, reading labels, increasing intake of fiber, potassium, antioxidants and probiotics applies to nearly everyone.

Available now!

Lose the Diet and Lose the Weight is available now, both the physical book and eBook versions! Purchase Lose the Diet at your favorite bookstores, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Kindle and Nook versions are also available.

About the Author

Dr. Carl E. Coppock

Dr. Carl E. Coppock

After six years at the USDA’s National Agriculture Research Center at Beltsville, Maryland, Dr. Carl Coppock spent thirteen years as a professor in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University with a split appointment  in nutrition research and extension. During that time he spent one year on sabbatical leave at Purdue University engaged in nutrition research. Then he went to Texas A&M University for fourteen years with an appointment in teaching and research.

Following early retirement from academia, Dr. Coppock spent ten years as an independent nutritional consultant for large pharmaceutical companies and commercial dairy farms. He now applies this extensive experience in animal nutrition to the problems of being overweight and obese in the human condition. Dr. Coppock now lives with his wife Marjorie in San Antonio, Texas.


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