A little about Eggs and Cholesterol

Eggs have sometimes been maligned because of their rather high content of cholesterol.  The new dietary guidelines (DG2015) do not suggest a dietary limit on cholesterol and it includes eggs in healthy eating patterns.  At 70 calories for a large egg, it contains a rich array of vitamins and minerals, in effect a supplement for a large number of important nutrients.  Its protein is of the highest quality and it contains vitamin D which is noted for its deficiency in many diets.  Concern for blood levels of LDL,  the bad cholesterol and HDL, the good cholesterol is justified, but the cholesterol in our foods does not have a major effect on these 2 metabolites.  Factors which have a greater influence include exercise, bodyweight, consumption of trans and saturated fat, and heredity.  Much of the cholesterol in our bodies is produced by the liver.  With respect to eggs, moderation is an excellent principle to embrace.


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