More About Sugar

How do I know if my sugar consumption is greater than it should be for continuing good health?  A fasting blood test for glucose is not a good reflection of one’s sugar intake over an extended period, because it shows blood glucose only for the  moment the blood is drawn.  A blood metabolite called hemoglobin A1c (HA1c), is an indicator of  the blood sugar present in the blood over the past 60-90 days.

So when one gets the results of the analysis for HA1c, what do the numbers mean?  For those of us who are not diabetic (at least not yet), one diagnostic lab states for the purpose of screening for diabetes, that <5.7% is consistent for no diabetes, 5.7% to 6.4% is listed as increased risk for diabetes (prediabetes) and 6.5% and greater as consistent with diabetes.  A higher value is acceptable for those with diabetes.  So those of us nondiabetics who have an HA1c in the 5.7 to 6.4% range, need to be concerned and take action (read labels and resist that candy and other sweets that we love), to reduce our sugar consumption.


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