Coffee/Caffeine from The DG2015

Some special observations from the DG2015: “Strong and consistent evidence shows that consumption of coffee within the moderate range (3 to 5 cups/d or up to 400 mg/d caffeine) is not associated with increased risk of major chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer and premature death in healthy adults.”

The document goes on to state that consistent observational evidence (which I interpret to mean that this evidence is not nearly as strong as that shown in the previous paragraph)  “indicates that moderate coffee consumption is associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in healthy adults.”  And the same evidence suggests that moderate consumption of coffee is related to a lower risk of cancer of the liver and endometrium.  But for some us, the addition of cream, milk or sugar can add significant calories over time to our diets.  Again, much can be said for moderation.


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