What Behavioral Changes are Essential for Losing Weight?

     Focus on the eating process; i.e., remember to begin each primary meal (exclude breakfast for the moment)  with a small glass of water, a small serving of vegetables and a small serving of fruit.  Then apply small portions and multiple chewing, while tuning out a large number of possible distractions in order to maintain focus.  Never leave the table hungry; if you are still hungry after the meal, continue with some of the vegetables or fruits with which you began the meal.  Brush your teeth immediately to reduce the temptation to begin snacking.

     Develop the habit and skill of reading labels in order select foods that are especially lower in calories, sugar and sodium, while increasing fiber and potassium in particular.  And be careful to note the serving size.  Then find and embrace an exercise regimen that you enjoy.  The value of these behavioral changes is that they can result in a loss of weight and can provide and sustain a healthy life style for the rest of your life.


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