The problem with the word “diet”

We’ve all heard the statement–“I’m going on a diet”, or “I’m on a diet”.  This declaration may mean that the person is cutting out some favorite rich foods such as desserts or is just reducing the total amount of food eaten by some scheme.  Or a popular new diet plan may be tried.  But the word “diet” used in this way usually means “deprivation” of some sort in the minds of many of us.  We are going to deprive ourselves of something desirable.  For many it is not an enjoyable experience.  It probalby means–eat more of some foods we don’t especially like, and eating less of some foods we do like, or maybe less of all foods, such that we feel hungry much of the time.  Hence most “diet” plans fail in the long-term.  Why is this so?  Often the dieter wants quick results and a rapid loss in body weight.  One of the reasons this system fails, is that the body’s  hormonal and metabolic systems need time to adjust and to adapt.  Hence the dieter often feels uncomfortable which can be resolved by more eating and hence another diet plan fails.


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